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$97.00 | 71 Euro
$97.00 | 71 Euro
$97.00 | 71 Euro
$107.00 | 78 Euro
$117.00 | 85 Euro
$125.00 | 91 Euro
$125.00 | 91 Euro
$129.00 | 94 Euro
$133.00 | 97 Euro
$144.00 | 105 Euro
$144.00 | 105 Euro
md/goug/1/vase included
$162.00 | 118 Euro

We have been connecting consumers with fresh-from-the-field flowers since 1985. It's no wonder that Flowers to Qatar.com has led the industry in providing a 7 day freshness guarantee on each and every order. Here's why:


we are using strict quality controls to ensure that the arrangements of flowers arrive in perfect condition and last longer than expected.


I am something all people like, I am something everybody wants and seek, I am something always present at your disposition, I am a little thing that has a very big effect on all persons, and I am always fresh and lovely. I always smell good; you will never say that I am dirty. I am alive all the time, and live longer than the other members of my gender. I am very reliable, so you can count on me and you won’t be disappointed. Did you discover who am I? Or what am I? Yes, I am a flower and I am proud of myself.

Where do I come from? This is an important question. I am a Qatari flower; it is where a nice and big team works very hard in order to take good care of me so I can have all the qualities mentioned about me above. Every single person working with flowers of Qatar has his own job that he considers as a duty. The whole team is always together, but none of them takes someone else’s place or job. All flowers, even the kinds we don’t have in Qatar, are brought by our special services, and cultivated under our eyes, so we can assume they will get the best treatment and will reflect this great attitude to the persons they are sent to. Because we believe that if we take care of plants, flowers and roses; they will take care of us in return. They will bring some joy to our places, and decorate our offices while we are working, so we can have a better mood for work and be more flexible like these flowers.

Flowers to Qatar are not designated only for Qatari persons, but can be sent to other countries. First of all, the quality is number one. And we, www.flowerstoqatar.com, are number one concerning the best quality of flowers, bouquets and arrangements. This is the key attraction that we count on, and that leads us to the success. Second, our plants follow some rules in distribution because we try to offer the best service in the minimum of time we can.we deliver all Days except Friday & Saturday and Holidays when we suggest that your order will be delivered one day before or after. Locally as well as internationally, you don’t have to worry at all; we have studied all the aspects that help us accomplish our missions and deliver you the orders on time and without any damage. And as we said before, Qatar flowers will last longer than other flowers, and you have to try them and try us in order to check our honesty. That is the third and last point: honesty. We are always at your side to help you, but we don’t lie because this is the link that keeps good relations between us now and in the future. So we give you advice if you ask for, and if there is anything that can’t be done or that we cannot do, we will tell you and won’t sell. And this is our guarantee that keeps us safe.


Everything is based on honesty, and my experience with you tells about your honesty with all of your clients.



I got last week the first bouquet of flowers that lived for a whole week and kept a very nice smell.



I live in the far east of Qatar, and I think that getting to my village is really hard, but you made it without any problem. Thank you.



Let’s talk about quality, you have the best quality ever and I am saying it loudly.



You are my destination when I need to send flowers to anyone, because they are always pleased and thankful.


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